Friday 14 February 2014

Event at Musicanova in Nürnberg

During the weekend MuSiCa NoVa from Nürnberg presented a combination of our loudspeakers with their electronics.
Chef Harald Pensel, played a chain based on our
Genuin FS 2 combined with a Scheu Analog complete turntable.
All the material presented was made in Germany.
For sure people participating had their wishes fulfilled.
Here some pictures of the event.


Thursday 13 February 2014

Upcoming Events dedicated page

Due to the extent that the communication of upcoming events had taken, pulling away the attention from the actual news of Blumenhofer, we found a way to clarify it quite a bit and dedicated a personalized page for this growing area of our site.
This should facilitate and standardize the way these information are shared.

Here, You can reach this Upcoming Events Page


Wednesday 12 February 2014

Review of the Mini on Audio 03/2014

Yes, You are reading it right, it is a double feature: our newcomer, the Mini, has been tested on Audio 03/2014 as well.
It has been awarded with a best buy and a very good price performance ratio.


2014_01_27-Mini 2014_02_12-Audio-03-2014

Review of the Tempesta 20 on Audio 03/2014

Our Tempesta 20 has been presented on Audio 03/2014, a german magazine.
It has been awarded with a best buy and an outstanding price performance ratio.


2014_02_12-Tempesta-20 2014_02_12-Audio-03-2014

Saturday 1 February 2014

Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2014

For the 5th time in a row this is a permanent appointment in our show participation and we never regret being on that show. This year it was even better than last year. In my feeling the participation of the public was even more than last year.
What to tell that I haven't already told?
This time I did not have the chance to make even one step outside of our room and spent the whole day talking with people visiting the show and spending lot of time in our room.
...even if really tough it has been very good!!

This was the setup, simpler than last year, but for this not less performing:

- Einstein Power Amplifier - The Amp
- Einstein CD Player - The Source
- Cammino H 3.1 Power Harmonizer
- The Rack was our way... If You are curious, take a look at the gallery ;-)

- Blumenhofer Acoustics Lautsprecher - Genuin FS 2

Thank You and thank the whole Bramsfeld team for the wonderful organization. Here the link to the HiFi Tage pages.
Thanks to Clemens and Martin of Sound & Vision (our dealer in Hamburg) for the outstanding support.
Looking forward for 2015! It is going to be the 10th anniversary of the show and our 6th participation: the organization promised big things for next year!
Here some pictures of the show.

© This Photo made by Cai Brockman from Fidelity