Thursday 19 May 2011

Munich High End 2011


We all know that the Munich High End is the most important european HiFi exposition. We have been present in area A03-B04. A show without playing music but lot of time to talk with lot of people. At the show we presented: - the complete cabling by Cammino HP and his Power Harmonizer - the complete line of Grandinote Power Amplifiers - the Loit Passeri CD Player - our nearly complete product range including the new introduced products. The Wiki was only present as development prototype


As usual, during the evenings, after show, we continued our show with special guests in Walkertshofen. Instead of going to dinner somewhere we spent time listening for music in our company.
I can tell you. They have been long days, but really fruitful.

The system was composed by:
- Loit Passeri CD Player
- Dr. Feickert Analogue Turntable
- Grandinote Celio Pre Phono
- Grandinote Domino and Demone Power amplifiers
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Gran Gioia Loudspeakers
- Cammino HP Power Harmonizer and cabling

You can read about our participation to the event and the evenings on: - Fairaudio - 6moons - Holger Barske’s Blog - - Euphonia ....and many more, that I’d like to add, if I’d have their web page

We introduce the Wiki

Our Wiki has a short name but is big. And sounds.
We do not dare to say “all you ever wanted to know about music” because we are still wondering if we have a chance to go beyond the frontiers of possible.

For the first time a compression driver with a 75 mm Beryllium membrane and a field coil magnet with more than 2,5 Tesla: the most powerful available magnet with the biggest Beryllium membrane. The Beryllium membrane and the compression Chamber for the driver come from us. The rest from Wolf von Langa and his Kilimanjaro driver series
For the bass a 38 cm woofer with field coil magnet as well. Entirely made by Wolf von Langa whithin his Kilimanjaro series.

That’s the technic behind.

In front there is music... what a fantastic reproduction... or was it real?


We introduce the Gran Gioia

The Gran Gioia in our opinion the greatest expression in a traditional 2-Way front loaded horn speaker. ‘Gran Gioia’ means ‘great Joy’ in Italian, and I can assure you that this fits. Come and listen.
The Gran Gioia is available in 2 versions, the first one with standard magnets and the other with field coil magnet of the Kilimanjaro series. To know a little bit more about field coil loudspeakers, visit the site of Wolf von Langa and his great vintage loudspeakers web page.


We introduce the Genuin FS 5

Genuin FS 5, the first bookshelf in the Genuin serie, horn for the mid-high and bass reflex woofer.
Another use of the 17cm P2C speaker in an entry level Genuin with a mature sound.


Saturday 7 May 2011

Sweetspot 2011 in Jönköping

VälLjud, the Swedish distributor for Blumenhofer Acoustics, was at the Swedish show Sweetspot 2001 showing the Blumenhofer FS3 and furthermore a dealer showing the Blumenhofer FS1.
VälLjud was playing on a system consisting of Kondo Ongaku, Kondo M7 Phono and Kondo SFZ Stepup and a Oracle Delphi turntable, there was also an EAR Acute cd player for the digital playback. All cables was also Kondo, and a Shunyata netfilter.
The show was a big success with a lot of compliments on the exquisite sound coming from the Blumenhofer speakers.