Monday, 29 April 2013

The Power Harmonizer of Cammino received a Blue Moon award


The Power Harmonizer of Cammino, our partner for Cabling and Power Supply has received a Blue Moon Award from 6moons. Normally we do not inform about the review of our partners, but in this case is a Blue Moon Award!! And, at least since 2008, is the first one related to electricity. Congratulations Claudio!
Here You can read the whole story written by Henk and Marja
Here You can get more information about the Blue Moon Awards 2013


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Event at RitsArt

After the cooperation in the X-Fi Show in Veldhoven, last fall, Marco and Rits decided to make another event together directly in the venues of RitsArt in Maassluis in the Netherlands. During the Event René Visker started to paint the big Fun 17, as Blumenhofer unique editions
Here You can read some more in German.

The setup was composed by:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Gioia
- Einstein integrated Power Amplifier
- Dr. Feickert Blackbird

They told me that the acoustics was not the best. But the Ambient has been exceptional.

p.s.: all pictures © Peter Vellekoop 2013


Friday, 19 April 2013

Recordstore Day in Düren

In Düren, at the Record-store, there have been an event focused on music. They concentrated on vinyl (if I understood correctly) and have chosen our loudspeakers to present their music.
It is a very charming compliment.


Friday, 12 April 2013

Shanghai HiFi Expo 2013

The German Chamber of Commerce supported the German industry in the participation to the Shanghai High End Show 2013, they gave us an extraordinary logistic support and a big opportunity to present our products in Shanghai.
It was a long time that we did not go to China and we appreciated the opportunity.

In the end there were 3 rooms playing Blumenhofer Loudspeakers:
- the room of the German chamber of commerce playing a Fun 10 and a Tempesta 17 on the 3rd day
- our room with a Genuin FS 2
- the room of Mr. Amari with the Genuin FS 3 he purchased some years ago

what to say, we are small player, but apparently well appreciated :-)


Monday, 1 April 2013

WSR Sales is our new distributor for USA

It seems like an April's fool. But it is true.
Since longer time we started our cooperation based on the development of certain products to comply with the needs of the American market.
The result is the Tempesta series, complete with Center, Surround and Subwoofers. Still there is some work to do to complete the range, but the product line has born.

The partner of this cooperation was and is Robert Thompson of WSR|Sales.

Now, our new distributor for USA is

WSR Sales
Robert Thompson

6072 Lake Melrose Dr
32829 Orlando FL

Mobile: +1 (407) 491-9116