Tuesday 21 December 2010

Biodiversità in Verona 2010

We met in Verona our good friends of MastersounD and Esperienze Audio to listen to the Piano of the Puiu twins. It was a nice event, a wonderful Venue and the piano touched our soul.


Friday 17 December 2010

Opening of Club Ideal in Augsburg - 2010

Sometimes there are some special projects that we like. This was one of those. The owner of the Club Ideal in Augsburg in the Gögginger Str. 22 loves music and wanted a high end Night Club. It has not been difficult for Andreas and Ramona to persuade us to this project. It was worth it! Really! This is not a new product we will put on the market, but no Night Club can deliver a better sound. There, at the Club Ideal you can enjoy the Blumenhofer-Philosophy on your skin. Have Fun!!


Saturday 4 December 2010

Review of the Genuin FS 3 is now on 6moons.com


The review of the Genuin FS 3 written by Ralph Werner of Fairaudio.de, is now available in English here. Here you can download the short version of the article in English.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Review of the Genuin FS 3 on Fairaudio.de


Ralph Werner of Fairaudio.de had for some time the Genuin FS 3 at home. Here you can read his mind on German. Here you can download the short version of the article in German.

Tuesday 30 November 2010

PICK-UP HI-FI & CINE ESTUDIO is our new Distributor for Spain

The last news of November is PICK-UP HI-FI & CINE ESTUDIO the new Distributor for Blumenhofer Acoustics in Spain. We look forward to a positive cooperation. You can reach PICK-UP HI-FI & CINE ESTUDIO at this e-mail: info@pickupsound.es


Avda. Reyes Católicos, 38
11130 Chiclana (Cádiz) Spain
Tlf:  + 34 956 531 834
Tlf2: + 34 956 538 146
E-mail:     info@pickupsound.es
Webshop: www.pickupsound.es
Import:    www.pickupsound.com.es

Saturday 27 November 2010

Pro-Ject - Little Man got big - Event in Walkertshofen 2010

Was the event at Blumenhofer on the 27th and 28th of November 2010 directly at Blumenhofer. We showed how the small gear of Pro-Ject Audio is able to deliver biggest results.

In the organization of the event we did not consider the start of the Christmas markets in the south of Germany and therefore we have not been able to grant Pro-Ject the public it deserved.

ATR offered one USB Box, which already found the winner, he has been contacted by e-mail. We have come Cantuccini left and for sure they will not become old in the drawer.

On Sunday we used the pauses between the visitors to think about some Projects and Ideas we have in mind: some nice perspectives have started to grow in our minds... I will not tell anything more, but really soon you will find some results on these same pages :-)
stay connected!!!


Saturday 20 November 2010

Event at Musikkammer in Willich 2010

From the 19th until the 21st November at the Musikkammer you can visit an event in Willich (Germany).
In the focus there will be products of Axiss Europe and the product portfolio of the Sweden "Harmony Design". The speaker will be Blumenhofer-Acoustics Fun 17 and Genuin FS 4.2.
The accessories of SRM Design will be available as well as opportunity to buy new and used LPs.
Infos: 02154/888 99 58 - webmaster@musikkammer.de - www.musikkammer.de


Friday 22 October 2010

High End Audio Video Show, Athens 2010

Also this year Stelios presented our speakers at the Athens HiEnd Audio Video Show... ...we could not participate personally

Saturday 16 October 2010

Sintonie, HiFi Event in Lanciano

We participated to the Event of Mr. Angelucci in Lanciano, near Chieti in Italy. You can have more information on the Event reading the Event letter (in italian) or on http://www.sintoniehifi.it/ or on the poster

Friday 15 October 2010

Saturday 2 October 2010

Analog Audio Forum in Krefeld 2010

It was a long weekend: on the first day we made the setup until 2:00 in the morning and this after a long trip. The people and their warmth payed us off: our presentations, each with its own personality, convinced. - Room Erfolg: Jürgen Fuchs and Uwe Trabert presented a setup consisting of MastersounD preamplifier and 300B mono blocks connected to a big Fun 20. Their source was the turntable of Roi Borges from Portugal. - Room Begeisterung: Volker Bohlmeier has been able to create a special atmosphere and his blues and his warm music let the people stay in the room for longer than usual. - Conference room of the AAA (Analog Audio Association): unexpected. On Friday, short before the beginning of the show, the setup was not yet decided... good chance I had a Fun 17 with me, the people of the AAA decided to use it. In the conference room have been lectured lot of information and examples about music, recording and sound. The room was usually really quite full! Thanks a lot to the whole organising team and to Rainer Bergmann for the perfect event.

Friday 1 October 2010

ACF Audio Analogue and Tube Audio Show

Located in 8 diffrent rooms you found the highlights for Dutch Analogue and Tube gear.

Blumenhofer’s Fun 17 and Genuin FS 3 played with Leben amps and Accuphase cd-players

This took place on the 1st and 2nd of october 2010 at the Edisonstraat 12, 3261LD  Oud-Beijerland the Netherlands.
It was a mixture show between 10 distributors showing their gear in crossed configurations and great cooperation. The Blumenhofers act great with Leben this was his first choise of the organiser. Since he also is a dealer of Verity loudspeakers and my Octave amps are the only tube amps with enough power for this speakers Marco, our distributor for the Netherlands, agreed with him.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Top Audio, Milano 2010

It was not a concert, but there were 2 concerts. Tom enjoyed both of them, I only one.
It was our first experience with the new distributor and I can only count it positive, no doubt. It is amazing how two people in the same business might have that different way of doing and different stiles in their work.

The biggest surprise for me was seeing that lot of people already knew our brand, more than I expected: the work of the last years is paying off :-)

And then really really a lot of very charming meetings with new and old friends congratulating for the sound in our room: no surprise, we were playing with MastersounD 845 Compact and T+A CD Player on Nordost cables, only the best. On our side, we brought a Genuin FS 3, which played, the Fun 17 and the Genuin FS 4.2 have only been shown statically. In the showroom there was a Satellite Mini as well, lot of people asked us if we plan to produce it again... who knows.


Sunday 5 September 2010

Guangzhou HiFi Show 2010

Tony Hu and Mr. Yang presented our speakers in China in Guangzhou: I think it was a pity not to be personally there, maybe next year.


Friday 3 September 2010

Max Schlundt in Stilwerk in Berlin, an extraordinary venue, 2010

from the 3rd until the 22nd of September in Berlin in Stilwerk, Max Schlundt presented our products in his IFA-Parallel event. We brought him the Clara Luna for which should be taken an appointment; the Genuin FS 1, the Genuin FS 3 and the Fun 17 were on the contrary ready for play anytime. At Max event there have been some interesting panel discussion on several arguments concerning the world of HiFi nowadays, and the changes happened in the last years from the vinyl to the streamer’s era. We unfortunately did not have the chance to participate and listen to the lessons, but Max told us that they have been a success. ==> musical Value of popular music: based on some Examples ==> Status of the Recording techniques: limits of the music reproduction ==> Designed in Europe-Made in China? ==> Solo-Piano: Improvisation at the big Bechstein-Piano ==> Music sources in the modern times: -Vinyl revival, -Music download, -End of the CD? ==> Home cinema- Cinema at home about Pros and Cons of free availability ==> Music press - Protector of the end user or marketing instrument? It has (and in a certain way it still is) a great event. Pass by at Max venue, you will enjoy great music


Wednesday 1 September 2010

HiFi United is our new Distributor for Italy

Since today, the 1st of September, HiFi United is the new Distributor for Blumenhofer Acoustics in Italy and S. Marino Republik. We look forward to a positive cooperation.


Monday 9 August 2010

bei Bruno Farina von Satel S.N.C.

We have been in the company of Bruno Farina Satel S.N.C.

Bruno lives in a really nice part of Italy, in the Marche. A corner where the person still has its value as person and the rhythm of life brings live in front: there there is still the time to drink a caffe with friends.

Since several years Bruno develops his power amplifiers. It is worth take a closer look: Satel S.N.C.


Friday 6 August 2010

Music2 Audio Import is our new Distributor for Holland

After a meeting in Kampen and some more mail exchange Marco de Wilde joined our distribution chain.
You can find him here: info (at) music2.nl

Nieuw M2 logo

Thursday 5 August 2010

Campaign 'Handmade in Germany'

We start an advertisement campaign on certain german and international media. This campaign will be based on the theme “Handmade in Germany” and each month will show what it does mean “building High End Loudspeakers”. It will show each month how we work.

First one appeared on Stereo 09/2010 on the 5th of August:


Monday 5 July 2010

Review of the big Fun 17 on Stereo 08/2010


Our Fun 17 has been tested on Stereo. The report is worth reading: have Fun!!

You can read the Measurement report here
Here you can read the Review
The Loudspeaker has ben rated excellent!



Friday 2 July 2010

The German HiFi Connection is our new Distributor for India

We first met Jochen Semmler in Hamburg at the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage.
He is German, and moved to India several years ago.
Now he decided to import top German Hi Fi products to India and started with Einstein Audio and Blumenhofer Acoustics.

He is producing for us some part of the packaging of the speakers.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Seminar mit Matthias Böde at Finest in Bochum

Finest, HiFi Gallery and Wines, invites to a seminar with Matthias Böde of Stereo in Bochum. It is a seminar about music. Come and Enjoy.


Saturday 12 June 2010

Röhre meets Wirkungsgrad Event in Walkertshofen 2010

Joint Forces with Rainer Israel of Friends of Audio, we invited Lorenzo Sanavio of MastersounD to the first official event in our show room.

2 setups have been playing and we had two really pleasant days.

Our visitors enjoyed our music and our caffe: we installed a new machine in the showroom and we learned how to get perfect italian caffe out of it!!

Thank you all a lot for your visit and keep checking at Blumenhofer: we will make more events starting in fall ;-)


Sunday 16 May 2010

From now on longer spykes

After some intensive testing we decide not to include the covers for the dishes of the spykes anymore: they are not contributing in a positive way to the sound of the speakers in comparison to the steel dishes alone. In order to preserve the distance from the floor of the Fun 17 and big Fun 20 we introduce longer spykes. The suggestion came from Volker Bohlmeier of Einstein Audio.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

HiFi Deluxe in Munich 2010

This has been one of the most important event in the last months and everything went well. The only flaw has been the wine: it didn’t match our taste. Next time will be perfect as well and you will enjoy it.

We enjoyed the visit of lot of people and received really positive feedback on our 2 rooms.

Dimitri, Max und Gigi supported us in Room 374 with the Grandinote power amplifier and the Labtek Tube-SACD player.
We have been presenting with Einstein Audio Components in room Versailles.
Thank you all for being there.


Thursday 1 April 2010

Review of the Genuin FS 3 on Audio


Malte Ruhnke of Audio tested our Genuin FS 3. Here you can read the report on German. The introduction of the test compared a Burmester B30 and a Geithain Me 160 with our Genuin FS 3 Our Genuin FS 3 got the flag of Tube-friendly

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Review of the big Fun 17 on ON-TopAudio.fr

Pierre Stemmelin of ON-TopAudio.fr had a private audition of the Fun 17 at Full High End in Yerres. Here you can read his mind and here you can download the pdf of the article.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Shanghai High End HiFi Show 2010

Even this year our Tony Hu participated to the Shanghai High End, he ensured me that there has been lot of public and lot of interest for our products.


Friday 12 March 2010

Fairaudio Report on Blumenhofer

In February Ralph Werner of Fairaudio.de came to visit Blumenhofer Acoustics. After 2 days together he wrote this article here. 6moons.com translated then the article and You can read the english translation here.

Andrea - Ralph Werner - Thomas

Saturday 6 March 2010

Event at HiFi Studio Wachtberg

Jürgen Fuchs and Uwe Traber of Hifi Studio Wachtberg in 53340 Meckenheim invite on the 06th and 07th March 2010 from 11.00 until 18.00 to a musical get together.
New products from Basso Continuo, Cabasse, Diapason, Mastersound, Sonos and Blumenhofer Acoustics. We are looking forward for your participation, please confirm 02225-9996446 and wachtberg-hifi@web.de.


Sunday 28 February 2010

Un ascolto Brutale

Dimitri of MadForMusic has a perfect show room to play true High End equipment at its best. We put the Clara Luna on place and it was done.
Thank you Ivan for the good food and excellent drinks
Thank you Giulio Cesare (Foné owner and founder) for the Vinyl support and the great recordings
We enjoyed and tested several different kind of sources and amplifier, each of them with its Pro and not really any Contra... ;-)


Friday 19 February 2010

Saturday 6 February 2010

Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2010

Hamburg, a wonderful town. The people of Hamburg, very warm and enthusiastic. On the 16th floor of the Holiday Inn our Genuin FS 3 played together with Einstein Audio, using their CD player, their preamplifier and their stereo power amplifier. It was great, lot of people came to our booth and stayed there for hours enjoying our music. Lot of people stated ours was the best sound of the show. A lot of thanks to Mr. Borchert and his family for the fantastic organization... we will be back next year.


Sunday 31 January 2010

Gran Gala dell'Alta Fedeltà - Padova 2010

We played for the first time the Genuin FS 4.2. They matched perfectly the NuForce CD player and amplification and the people of Padova and surroundings enjoyed a lot the event. The most beautiful thing is that there were not only audiophiles but lot of music lovers as well, a lot more than expected. Thank you all for the very positive feedback! Thank you, Giulio Cesare, for the organization. Gran Gala dell’alta Fedeltà a Padova


Saturday 30 January 2010

We introduce the Genuin FS 4.2

Genuin FS 4.2, a light-weight speaker in line with the Genuin serie, horn for the mid-high and bass reflex woofer.
Another use of the 17cm P2C speaker in an entry level Genuin with a mature sound.


Thursday 28 January 2010

New foot for the Genuin FS 3

Since the introduction of the big Fun 20 and big Fun 17, we are not more really satisfied with the overall look of the Genuin FS 3. Then it is time to change a little bit, to make the design more modern and more elegant.
This design change reflects more on the overall look alike of the loudspeaker: we change the foot and we make the horn a little bit smaller. What a big improvement!!
Does it affect the sound? No, not really, everything sounds exactly like before. Enjoy the new look…