Tuesday 22 September 2009

Event in Berlin Falkensee

At Hi Fi Studio Falkensee, we had a lot of fun with a good bunch of top notch components. Air Tight und Blumenhofer.


Saturday 19 September 2009

Top Audio, Milano 2009

This year the Top Audio has been a real success, we had a lot of time to look around :-)
Vexo: Giampaolo and Carlo used our Genuin FS 3 and presented their new preamplifier and a 2A3 Amplifier
Mastersound: Lorenzo used our big Fun 20 with his 845 Evolution
Sutra: Boris and Stefano played on a Fun 17 with their Digital power amplifier
Grandinote: Max showed his Prestigio on a big Fun 20 and on a Satellite Mini
I think this demonstrates that our speakers are really versatile :-)


Wednesday 9 September 2009

Press release Victrex

The common development between the companies Victrex, ATE and Blumenhofer Acoustics led to success and the sound of our Fun 17. Here you can read the press release and here the case study.