Saturday, 26 May 2012

Event at Novus Audio in Kampen

On the 26th of Mai, there has been an event at Novus Audio in Kampen. A brand new Genuin FS 3 was playing on an Audio Block chain. Thank You Bernd for supporting our brand!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dynamic Experience Vol. 2 CD

The second volume of the Dynamic Experience CD has come on the market. It is dynamic, it is astonishing good mastered. It has power and drive: a shower of dynamic.
Enjoy the listening


Friday, 11 May 2012

Report about Groove into Bits Vol. 1 Blumenhofer Acoustics CD on Music Emotion of May 2012


Our CD has impressed the international press even faster than expected. In the last issue You can find at page 43 a report about our Groove into Bits project. Enjoy Your reading!! Here You can download the Dutch pdf of the article


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Munich High End 2012

We needed more than 3kg of caffe in 3 evenings. We drove more than 3000km, we had more than 30 guests at our company during the show days. Our official catering and host service, the Gasthof zum Adler of the Zott family, was nearly fully booked by us for the entire exposition time. The support has been great. But this is only side program, like side program was the chance that our guest had in enjoying typical bavarian food and good music.

The idea to participate has borne by chance during one of my visit to STS-Digital to evaluate the quality of the Groove into Bits CD and discuss some more points about marketing. And this is the question we had: how can we promote the brands in the most effective ways. Then we crosschecked our resources and decided to go again an unconventional way: we have the Blumenhofer Acoustics CD, why not to sell it at the show?
Some dazzling some phone call after we had the space at the fair and the equipment for displaying and playing the CDs.

The electronic of Pro-Ject has been supplied by ATR, the cabling and the power supply harmonizer by Cammino-HP. We used the stand as static display and as point of contact for the people interested in our products. And the interest was big. Nearly every person took a picture of our Gran Gioia: a great eye catcher!

During the show we had several visit of old friends and new potential distributors.
The visit of Van den Hul himself, the owner of the famous Van den Hul brand, brought some emotion to Mr. Trevisanello, the owner of Cammino. Mr. Van den Hul appreciated the look of our Gran Gioia.
Mr. Heinz Lichtenegger, director of Project, has been pleased by the quality of our CDs and recordings.

As usual we made lot of pictures, you can see them here:


We introduce the Fun 10

Like the Fun 13, the Fun 10 is a back loaded bass horn Loudspeaker with a standard silk dome for the tweeters.
Based on the same quarter wavelength technology of the Fun 13 it is a continuation of that development.

High quality MDF wood and an astonishing sound quality, available starting today. Have Fun!


Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD

In cooperation with STS-Digital, we produced the Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD.
We already informed You about this project.
It was extraordinary and it has borne by chance.

We met in Walkertshofen last September and started listening for music of all kinds. Of course on LP. Spontaneous was the question… why don't we master it to a CD trying to keep the analog feeling of the turntable. Then, the task was set, how to perform it? Simple? Conny Englmeier started playing DJ, Fritz connected his Marantz mastering equipment, Lars set up the Kanzy power amplifier, and Tom connected our Wiki: if we need a monitor speaker why not the best one available? Marco had a Acoustic Signature Ascona with an SME tonearm and a Soundsmith cartridge in the trunk of the car. The setup was done. The songs were chosen and we started the recording process. It took us a longer time than expected but was fun. After hours we were eating in the restaurant and René suggested to name it after the project: Grove into Bits was what we did. From LP to CD. Extraordinary.