Saturday, 17 December 2011

Castle Show in Antwerpen 2011

Marco has been invited to participate to the Castle Show in Antwerpen, in Belgium. He said that there has been a lot of snow that limited the number of the visitors. Anyhow, in the fantastic location he has been able to present his products.


Friday, 16 December 2011

Short report about the Wiki on Stereoplay 1/12

on page 6 of Stereoplay 1/2012 You can read a short information about the Wiky. We are expecting Holger Biermann to visit us early next year to give more news to our german customers


Friday, 9 December 2011

Mastering Groove into Bits Vol. 1

Fritz and his team at STS-Digital started the mastering process of the Groove into Bits CD. I promise You...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam 2011

Marco of presented our Gran Gioia at the Milionaire Show in Amsterdam. The rest of the chain has been composed by a Loit CD Player, a Kanzy Power Amplifier and Cammino Cables. It has been a lot of work (for Marco) but it was worth it.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Incredible Music and Recording CDs, mastered with Blumenhofer

STS-Digital has put on the market the first 3 CDs of a series of 8. These CDs contain incredible recordings from all kind of musics. From Classic to modern in a very appealing and transporting way. Able to move Your feeling and emotions in the traditional quality of all the STS-digital recordings.

I nearly forgot: they have been mastered with Blumenhofer :-)

You can buy them at the online Shop of STS-Digital.

2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_01 2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_02 2011_12_07-IncredibleMusic_03

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blumenhofer Acoustics is now member of the Analog Audio Association

Today Blumenhofer Acoustics joined the Analog Audio Association. The AAA, is committed to pure analog audio reproduction: from the LP to the loudspeaker our listening bases on analog... why to use the bits and bytes is the question of the AAA. We share with them the love for the analog music reproduction and LPs.


following a short text from the AAA-webpage about their way of thinking: Die Schallplatte lebt! Während die Verkaufszahlen digitaler Tonträger schwächeln, feiert die Langspielplatte heimlich ihr Comeback. Immer mehr Menschen, die mit der CD groß geworden sind, entdecken für sich die Magie der schwarzen Scheiben und die bunte Welt der großformatigen Plattencover. Viele DJs in den Clubs und Discotheken schwören aus rein praktischen Gründen auf die bewährte Schallplatte. Inzwischen hat der LP-Verkauf wieder die Millionengrenze geknackt. Aus gutem Grund: Trotz aller Fortschritte der Digitaltechnik, trotz neuer Daten- und Tonträgerformate ist die Schallplatte klanglich das Maß aller Dinge. Heißt es doch in Bezug auf DVD und SACD: "Nie war digital so analog wie heute!"

Monday, 28 November 2011

Stereoplay nominated the Genuin FS 1 one of the 100 best loudspeakers of the World

Stereoplay's chief redactor Holger Bierman has chosen the Genuin FS 1 among the 100 best loudspeaker of the world.
"Die 100 beste Lautsprecher der Welt" is the name of the publication, it is a special issue for this season. It is going to be available in the next few days in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Stereoplay was recalling the experience they've had with the Genuin FS 1 at beginning of 2009, when they tested it. You can read the report of 2009 here.
You can read the report about the Genuin FS 1 on the special edition at page 92 and 93.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Saturday, 26 November 2011

German and Italian webpages are now integrated in the .com page

Now is trough. Not jet 100% translated or complete, but renewed a lot inside and a little bit on the outside
Since 2 hours the German and the Italian web pages of Blumenhofer Acoustics are fully integrated in the english one. Take a look at them, graphically has not jet changed that much. But the function is much easier and faster, for customer and for the maintainers.

Furthermore have been integrated the services and the possibility to interact with the world wide community of Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Flickr. It has been a long path from the old setup to this one, full of difficulties and things that did not want to work from the start. But this gives our company the possibility to be more present in the networked world. Others will come, but I'll not anticipate anything. Stay tuned and You will see more and more Blumenhofer present in the network and in the media.

Due to the new design and setup the implementation of new section of the site will become a breeze. In the next future You will be able to read more and more about the services Blumenhofer is able to deliver to his customers of both commercial and final customer's in both private and professional audio.

The only drawback is that the news page will now only be in english and no more translated in German and Italian but on blogspot it is possible to get a rough translation of the page made from google: it is a really good way to have free fun :D

For today it is sufficient. Enjoy the new web page and, if You have any comment, feel free to post them on
Facebook I'll do my best to answer them :-)


Monday, 21 November 2011

Fan Page in Facebook is now online

We just added a facebook fan page on Blumenhofer acoustics, You can find it here. It requires still a lot of experimentation and my goal is to integrate the Facebook pages with the blog on blogspot.
Feel free and welcome to post all Your comments here. :-)


Ununderstandable... we connect with Networked Blogs


Saturday, 12 November 2011

Westdeutsche HiFi Tage in Bonn 2011

We have been present at the Westdeutsche HiFi Tage in Bonn.

Jürgen Fuchs of
HiFi Studio Fuchs presented our Loudspeakers.
The show has been a real success of public with over 2000 people visiting the show.
In my humble opinion, this is what music needs to find back its place in the houses of the people: the place it deservs.

I asked Jürgen a statement about the event. These are his words:

am Samstag haben Grandinote Shinai und Celio die Fun 17 auf Touren gebracht.
Sonntag haben eine Trigon Phonovorstufe und ein Mastersound 300B / PSE die Musik übernommen.
An beiden Tagen spielte ein
Rui Borges UNO Plattenspieler mit Reed 2A Tonarm und Phase Tech 3G Tonabnehmersystem. Die Verkabelung stammte von dolphin audio.
Die Veranstaltung wurde von ca. 3000 interessierten Musikliebhabern besucht. Das Interesse verteilte sich gleichmäßig auf Plattenspieler, Elektronik und Lautsprecher.
Insgesamt wurde jedoch immer wieder die Homogenität der angeschlossenen Musikgeräte hervorgehoben.
Resultat: One of the best sounds of the show!!!
Also eine Wiederholung der Meinungen vom
Analog Forum in Krefeld von vor drei Wochen.

here the english translation:

on saturday Grandinote Shinai and Celio powered the big Fun 17
Sunday a MastersounD 300B/PSE and a Trigon Phono-preamplifier took over.
On both days the
Rui Borges UNO turntable with REED 2A Tonearm and Phase Tech 3G cartridge. Cables from Dolphin Audio.
About 3000 people have been present at the show and the interest has been distributed between turntable, electronic and loudspeakers.
Always has been appreciated the homogeneity of the whole chain. This lead to the common statement of the public 'Best sound of the show'!!!
Again, the same opinion and feedback coming from the
analog audio forum in Krefeld 3 weeks ago.


Visit of René L. van Es - Freelance Journalist of Music Emotion

René L. van Es - Freelance Journalist of Music Emotion - has spent the weekend with us in Walkertshofen.
With him were Fritz de With, Lars Dam and Cor Kleijn.

We have listened, discussed and drunk a lot of coffee.
The Setup was impressive:
- Turntable: Acustic Signature Ascona
- Tonearm: SME M2-12
- Cartridge: Sound Smith Strain Gage
- Cabling: of Cammino Reference Stage Loudspeaker and Reference Interconnect
- Amplification: Kanzy KAAM-1000
- Loudspeaker: Wiki, Genuin FS 2, Fun 13

During the days we had as well found some music ideas for the future Blumenhofer Acoustics CD, and I tell You, even if the first CD has not jet come on the market, we are already looking forward for the second. BTW, how do You like the title for the CD (SACD maybe?) "Groove into bits"? It reflects the way we recorded it: mastering directly from the turntable :-) We also had a short taste of the first songs and they sound really "analog".

The discussions were long, the interviews interesting the ideas astonishing. A real brainstorming weekend that will have effects in the near future of the company. In other companies it is called business development, we call it listening for music.

At the end René was overwhelmed by the sound and the music. You will be able to read his impressions in Music Emotion in December. We are looking forward to read the full article!!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Retro event in Walkertshofen

We had our vintage event in Walkertshofen.

Two systems were playing,
- one with an vintage Thorens turntable and a vintage 2250B Marantz receiver playing our new Fun 13 loudspeaker
- one with a Technics SP-15 and a Marantz nineteen (19) receiver playing our new Genuin FS 2 loudspeaker

The only modern components were our speakers,

Well, we all agreed, with modern loudspeaker technology older systems are able to deliver better performance than lot of new systems on the market.
Coffee and cheese were a roundup to the music enjoyment.

We will have another retro evening on the 10th of December. Feel free to come and participate.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Audiogurus: Article on Music Emotion for November 2011 about Blumenhofer

On the Netherlands Magazine Music Emotion of November 2011 at page 58-59, You can find an article on Thomas Blumenhofer and Blumenhofer Acoustics.
This article is the 13th article of the Audiogoeroes (Audiogurus) series: we are proud to have Blumenhofer included among the real big names of the Audio industry. If You understand Duch, You can download the article here


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

We introduce the Genuin FS 2

Who would have thought? After several attempts we have it. It costed 3 different attempts to finally get the Genuin FS 2 ready.

It is a standard horn loudspeaker with floor ported bass reflex system. A 30cm woofer that surprises for speed and extension.
Come and enjoy it. It is worth it.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

AV-NU Audio Show in Utrecht 2011

STS-Digital has been present at the show, and as I asked Fritz his impressions, he gave me his enthusiastic statement:
We flabbergasted every visitor of the AV-NU show with a sound that, we think, they never heard before: it was music. They never experienced reproduced music in a way that Blumenhofer presented at the show.

Lots of interests and lot of pictures have been taken... the biggest surprise of the public was that that "small" speaker (Genuin FS 3) has been able to have such a big volume impact and quality.


Marantz SACD Edition 14, mastered with Blumenhofer

The new Marantz SACD Edition 14 has come on the market. It has been mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3. Take a look at it, it is worth it, and here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.
The SACD charms and convinces generating a warm atmosphere. The recordings are, as usual, highest quality and the choice of the songs go trough lot of different stiles and music genres. Never boring, sometimes swinging in a cozy feeling, sometimes hitting You with extraordinary impact and speed, sometimes taking You away with sweet voices. Have a listen and enjoy its music.


Analog Audio Forum in Krefeld 2011


This year our participation to the Analog Audio Forum has been really relaxing. The hard part was before and after: there were 4 rooms playing Blumenhofer Acoustics:
- Room 'Ausdauer' - the organizer's room used a Gran Gioia for its presentation and seminars. The final amplification was a Grandinote Prestigio and the cabling was as well made in Italy by Cammino
- Room 'Königsregel' - was Einstein Audio and Blumenhofer official Room, played a big Fun 17
- Room 119 - was Peter Steinfad's Room. The setup of the frankfurter hörgesellschaft was based on Musica from Japan and Crayon Audio from Austria, played a big Fun 17
- Room 122 - was Jürgen Fuchs from HiFi Studio Fuchs the setup was based on Mastersound, Rui Borges Turntable, Grandinote Phono Preamplifier, played a big Fun 17

I'm really satisfied with the result our rooms achieved during the show.
I have to say a great thank You to the whole organization team and the really kind people working for the Music in its original form.

At the end of the Show, Eric from Essen won a Pair of Blumenhofer Acoustics Satellite PC Loudspeakers and Marion from Oberhausen one set of DynAris by Aktyna.


Renaming the Fun 17 into big Fun 17

The only change is in the name.

The Fun 17 today became the big Fun 17. No other changes in the project, but the name.
Why this?
We introduced a new speaker, the Fun 13 that has a back loaded bass horn and no horn for the tweeter...
The big Fun 17 has a back loaded bass horn with a compression driver as tweeter, a big difference

We introduce the Fun 13

We were wondering if we would have been able to produce a loudspeakers in a more affordable price range that our big Fun and Genuin Series.
The Fun 13 has borne.

Back loaded bass horn Loudspeaker with a standard silk dome for the tweeters.
High quality MDF wood and an astonishing sound quality at only 2.400€ German suggested retail price


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Event in Chiclana de la Fronteira 2011

Tomás of Pick-Up Sound invited me to participate to the event for Blumenhofer in Chiclana de la Fronteira, near Cadice in Spain on the 8th of October.
It was the best occasion to know him and his team personally and support his promotion of our brand in Spain.

I have been very warmly welcomed and felt as I would fit well there, maybe is the southern way of thinking, maybe is because I'm Italian and it seems natural to be there.

We set the system up on the 7th and on the morning of the 8th and have been quite satisfied of the sound result.
The setup consisted of an Ayon Spark III, and an Ayon CD Player.

At 10:30 started to come the first visitors: customers and friends of Tomás and Pick Up Sound: the enthusiasm and the affluence have been far better than expected. People came from Sivilla, Granada and Malaga to spend the day with us listening for music.
During the afternoon we changed the cables, XLR instead of RCA for the connection of the CD Player to the Power Amplifier... the setup was already good, it became fantastic!

After the show Antonio wrote me a mail that gave me lot of Joy:
[...] I think the FS 3 are amazing, love it. But the most impressing thing was Mr Vitali illuminating face every time he pronounced the word “music”.
I hope you never lose that passion and love for music, because I think that is the spirit that makes your brand sound as good.[...]

Here You can read some more about the event on the Forum of PickupSound

And that's one fact that we should never forget, as Carlos suggested during the event:

Music is a way of life. It is not made to test the systems

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Blumenhofer Experience CD - Groove into Bits Vol. 1

We spent 2 days having lot of fun listening for music and remastering it directly from the LPs.
Conny Engelmayer - You will learn some more about him in the future - has made a narrow choice out of his 10.000 LPs collection.
Fritz de With - STS Digital - brought his recording equipment to Walkertshofen.
Thomas was more at the coffee machine than at the audio equipment: lots of double expressos, just for the good taste of them.
Lars - Kanzy - presented us his power amplifier

The Sound playing system was:
- Technics SP 15 Turntable
- Turntable Plint made by Blumenhofer
- Pro-Ject 12" Tonearm
- Sound-Smith Strain-Gauge Cartridge
- Kanzy KAAM-800 Power Amplifier

Fritz is now preparing the Master and we expect the CD to be on the market before the end of the Year.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Workshop of STS Digital

Our partner Fritz de With of STS Digital is starting to cooperate with Marco de Wilde of Music2 Audio Import in the Netherlands to promote our brand...
...I tell You, wait and You will see great news coming from this cooperation :-)


Friday, 12 August 2011


Starting today You can find Blumenhofer even on here
...more and more all the picture content of the company will be available there.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Van den Hul issued a superb CD: Great Recordings of the 50's. Mastered on Blumenhofer

Fritz de With of STS-Digital found a tape with old recordings. Van den Hul asked him to make a CD out of it. The processing of the tapes to the master CD has been performed on Blumenhofer Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3 speakers. Here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.

This CD delivers the transformation of the soft melodies of the 50's in unsurpassed quality. Directly from the original tape adapted to exploit in the modern mediums the complete gamma of sounds and inspiration of the original artists.
...from the times, when the recordings had no editing but direct cut, cleaned and rounded up. Music reborn, the great recordings of the 50's.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Dynamic Experience Vol. 1 CD: reworked with Blumenhofer

The second release of the Dynamic Experience CD of STS-Digital has been rechecked with Blumenhofer Acoustics. Here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.

I have just spent some hours listening twice or trice this cd. I must tell You: it delivers what it promises. Yello, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others. Percussions, guitar and voices. Listen for it and it will not go out of Your head: You will leave Your chair with a light sensation of music carrying You around: an experience in pure dynamic.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Participation to the art exposition at the Gaswerk in Augsburg 2011

Sometimes friends ask us to support Art exhibitions and this time has been one of those.
Music joined sculpture, paintings and integrated itself in the Gaswerk in Augsburg, an monument to industry and industrialization, how production can become art itself.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Taipei Hi Fi Show 2011

We had the chance to participate to the Taipei HiFi Show. For that occasion we used our Genuin FS 2, with a LOIT Passeri CD Player.
Several people told us, our has been the best sound of the Show


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Listening session and Visit at STS-Digital

What a music, what a sound, what a perfect reproduction...
...I have spent some really beautiful and enjoyable hours at the remastering studios of STS-Digital in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

The system was composed by the top of the Marantz SACD and Power Amplifier production connected with the top of the van den Hul and Siltech cables. Of course the speakers were ours, the Genuin FS 1.

Some days after Fritz sent me an e-mail, here I quote one of the sentences, I must admitt this filled me with joy:
It is difficult to describe my feeling of pure emotion. When I listen to your exceptional audio product, there is only one thing that came up; this is the genuin thing.

Fritz gave me a short lesson on some interesting points concerning music and audio editing, wow, now I can understand something more about music and the way it can be enhanced to give more emotions and feeling.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Munich High End 2011


We all know that the Munich High End is the most important european HiFi exposition. We have been present in area A03-B04. A show without playing music but lot of time to talk with lot of people. At the show we presented: - the complete cabling by Cammino HP and his Power Harmonizer - the complete line of Grandinote Power Amplifiers - the Loit Passeri CD Player - our nearly complete product range including the new introduced products. The Wiki was only present as development prototype


As usual, during the evenings, after show, we continued our show with special guests in Walkertshofen. Instead of going to dinner somewhere we spent time listening for music in our company.
I can tell you. They have been long days, but really fruitful.

The system was composed by:
- Loit Passeri CD Player
- Dr. Feickert Analogue Turntable
- Grandinote Celio Pre Phono
- Grandinote Domino and Demone Power amplifiers
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Gran Gioia Loudspeakers
- Cammino HP Power Harmonizer and cabling

You can read about our participation to the event and the evenings on: - Fairaudio - 6moons - Holger Barske’s Blog - - Euphonia ....and many more, that I’d like to add, if I’d have their web page

We introduce the Wiki

Our Wiki has a short name but is big. And sounds.
We do not dare to say “all you ever wanted to know about music” because we are still wondering if we have a chance to go beyond the frontiers of possible.

For the first time a compression driver with a 75 mm Beryllium membrane and a field coil magnet with more than 2,5 Tesla: the most powerful available magnet with the biggest Beryllium membrane. The Beryllium membrane and the compression Chamber for the driver come from us. The rest from Wolf von Langa and his Kilimanjaro driver series
For the bass a 38 cm woofer with field coil magnet as well. Entirely made by Wolf von Langa whithin his Kilimanjaro series.

That’s the technic behind.

In front there is music... what a fantastic reproduction... or was it real?


We introduce the Gran Gioia

The Gran Gioia in our opinion the greatest expression in a traditional 2-Way front loaded horn speaker. ‘Gran Gioia’ means ‘great Joy’ in Italian, and I can assure you that this fits. Come and listen.
The Gran Gioia is available in 2 versions, the first one with standard magnets and the other with field coil magnet of the Kilimanjaro series. To know a little bit more about field coil loudspeakers, visit the site of Wolf von Langa and his great vintage loudspeakers web page.


We introduce the Genuin FS 5

Genuin FS 5, the first bookshelf in the Genuin serie, horn for the mid-high and bass reflex woofer.
Another use of the 17cm P2C speaker in an entry level Genuin with a mature sound.


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sweetspot 2011 in Jönköping

VälLjud, the Swedish distributor for Blumenhofer Acoustics, was at the Swedish show Sweetspot 2001 showing the Blumenhofer FS3 and furthermore a dealer showing the Blumenhofer FS1.
VälLjud was playing on a system consisting of Kondo Ongaku, Kondo M7 Phono and Kondo SFZ Stepup and a Oracle Delphi turntable, there was also an EAR Acute cd player for the digital playback. All cables was also Kondo, and a Shunyata netfilter.
The show was a big success with a lot of compliments on the exquisite sound coming from the Blumenhofer speakers.


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Event at Cherubini in Rome 2011

We have been at Cherubini’s in Rome. The acceptance has been fantastic and the people in Rome have a very enjoyable way living. We have made some visits of beautiful areas in the town and enjoyed typical meals. We will go back there with joy.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


We made some serious fotoshooting of our loudspeakers... but a primadonna pretended the center of the objective...

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Event at the AZ footbalstadium in Alkmaar 2011

I’ll not write too much, I only forward you the words of Marco De Wilde, our distributor for the Netherlands.

First of all, the show. We were asked (on a very short notice) to help out the manufacturer of Kanzy for this show with the best loudspeakers and source that we could think of, well, you know what we used.

A quick explanation about the set-up:
Kanzy Kaam-1000 integrated amp (€59.800,=),
Loit Passeri cd-player (€25.000,=),
Heavens Gate cabling (€12.500,=).
• Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1

All together very expensive, but also very, very good! Mostly heard commentary: Absolute best sound of the show! And this while others used much more expensive setup!

This show was organized by one of the leading dealers in the Netherlands (called
Studio Alkmaar) and took place on the 19th and 20th of February at the AZ footbalstadium in Alkmaar. As I already mentioned, 9 out of 10 visitors told us we had the absolute best sound of the show, in the next copy of Music and Emotion magazine we will get the official Award for this!


Friday, 18 February 2011

Stockholm Highend 2011

After a short cooperation ValLjuD used the Genuin FS 3 to present his system at the Stockholm High End

The chain VälLjuD played on was composed by:
Oracle Audio mk VI Turntable
• Oracle SME reference tonearm
• Kondo IO-M pickup
• Kondo KSL-SFz step-up transformer
• Kondo KSL-M7/Phono
Kondo Ongaku
• Kondo KSL-SPz speaker cable
• Kondo KSL-LP interconnect cables
• Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 3

A lot of people were in the room and sat there for a long time listening to the system, more than one noted how enjoyable and engaging the system played.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Exotic Audio is our new distributor for Denmark and Norway

Exotic Audio took over the distribution for Denmark and Norway.

Exotic Audio

Exotic Audio Aps.
Strandboulevarden 27
DK - 2100 København Ø
Tlf.:    +45 25 62 54 40

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Review of the big Fun 17 on Fedeltà del Suono 182

Excellent report about the Fun 17 on Fedeltà del Suono N°182 in Italy. There it seems that the journalist for the first time after a long time enjoyed listening music instead of a system.... and we got the Tech Award!


Here you can download the article in Italian.


Listening the Genuin FS 1 on Suono 449 in Italy

Suono’s journalist visited Sandrino’s place and there they have been listening our Genuin FS 1.
On Suono 449, page 38 you can read their impression. We were astonished!!
Here you can download the table of contents. And here You can read the article


Friday, 11 February 2011

Gran Galà dell'alta Fedeltà - Padova 2011

Even this year it came to us. More a surprise than planned played our Fun 17 in Padova at the Gran Galà dell’alta Fedeltà. Organized by Giulio Cesare Ricci ( becomes the Gran Gala a permanent place in the Italian cultural live.

The Fun 17 has been presented by Da Pieve HiFi and Arem HiFi of the Homevision group. The presentation met the taste of the public and the response have been positive.