Friday 16 November 2012

We participate to the Stereoplay, Audio and Video magazine Leserwahl contest

This year we participate to the Leserwahl of one of the main german Audio publisher.
You can reach the Stereoplay Leserwahl here

We participate in 2 products categories:
- our Fun 17 in the category "Standboxen bis 5.000€"
- our big Fun 17 in the category "Standboxen bis 10.000€"

Go there and give us Your vote!!
You might even win a Blumenhofer Fun 13 :-)


Presentation in the Gaswerk 2012 exposition in Augsburg

Sometimes friends ask us to support Art exhibitions and this time has been one of those.
Music joined sculpture, paintings and integrated itself in the Gaswerk in Augsburg, an monument to industry and industrialization, how production can become art itself.

Friday 9 November 2012

Saturday 3 November 2012

Analog Audio Forum in Krefeld 2012


Even this year we participated to the analog Audio Forum in Krefeld.
As difference from the usual shows, this time we decided to have a bigger room to play bigger loudspeakers, and we played the Gioia.

Like last year, the room of the organizer used a Gran Gioia for its demonstration and it has been very well accepted.

In our room the setup consistsed of:

- Rui Borges - Uno Turntable
- Einstein Audio Components - The Turntable's choice Phono Preamplifier
- Einstein Audio Components - The Tube Preamplifier
- Einstein Audio Components - The Light in the Dark Stereo Power Amplifier
- Blumenhofer Acoustics - Gioia Loudspeakers
- Cammino HP - complete power supply and cabling including its extraordinary Power Harmonizer

On the first day we had a straight setup, it played, but it was not possible to turn up the volume. The people were already satisfied, but we did not. We knew what was reachable with that setup and we reached maximum 60% of that. Not satisfactory. Not at all for us.
In the night from Saturday to Sunday, after a good dinner in a nearby restaurant, we spent half of the night to start from scratch. What a wonder, on the second day, music was playing, finally music was in the room and cheered our ears. Thanks to Claudio and Marco for the big effort.
Thanks to Hanna as well for taking care about the customers and to Jürgen from HiFi Studio Fuchs for the LPs.

And most of all thank You to the whole AAA Team for the great organization of the event and the great support during the days of the show!!! See You again next year!


Sunday 28 October 2012

Saturday 6 October 2012

Rewiev of the Fun 17 on Stereoplay

In the Stereoplay 11/2012 there is a very enthusiastic review of our Fun 17.
Enjoy Your reading!!


We introduce the Fun 17

After the Fun 13 and the Fun 10, we extended the quarter wave length horn principle to our 17cm Peek woofer and the result is the Fun 17.
It has already been positively tested by Stereoplay in this (now) online available contribution of Holger Bierman.

It will be available for sale starting December 2012. Have Fun!


Sunday 30 September 2012

We introduce the Gioia

The Gioia is a natural follow up of our Gran Gioia borne on the same basis and sharing the same technologies in a more compact design.
Astonishing for live feeling, impact and musicality, its first public appearance has been at the Veldoven X-Fi show in 2012.
It will be available for sale starting February 2013.


Saturday 29 September 2012

X-Fi Veldhoven HiFi show 2012


On the 29th and 30ies of Sepember we have participated to the X-Fi audio Show in Veldhoven. What to say?

Our best compliments to Marco of Music2, for the fantastic organization, and the wonderful setup. Take Your time to take a look at the pictures, they present our products in an astonishing good way.

The setup:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Gioia, a new borne in the Blumenhofer family. Soon there will be more information in the web page
- Octave HP 500SE as preamplifier
- Octave MRE V220 mono amps with Super Black Box
- Octave Phono Modul
- Acoustics Signature Thunder turntable
- SME V Tonearm
- Van den Hul Canari phono cartridge, specially made for Music2
- Cammino-HP Power Harmonizer
- complete Cammino-HP cabling
- Acoustics measures from NoiseBusters

We knew it would have played really good, but it was astonishing, it overwhelmed our expectations. Much much more.
The impression was to listen for a real orchestra, complete with all its elements and power. You can not believe what I mean if You do not hear it Yourself.
Take a look at the pictures, it is worth it… meanwhile, we will wait for the portrait of the setup, a painting by René Visker of the Ritsart Gallery in Maassluis, The Netherlands


X-Fi special CD

During the X-Fi Show, STS-Digital made gift to the first 2000 visitors of the special CD, made for the show. There were that many people at the show, that not all the visitors received the CD. I hope that the 2000 people appreciated the gift… of course, mastered with Blumenhofer :-)


Saturday 22 September 2012

Music in the original Marantz age now as LP as well

The original Marantz CD has now come out as LP as well, You can buy it here online directly by STS-Digital


Tuesday 18 September 2012

Ingram Washington CD and LP - Sweet 'n' Low

Another great LP, another best selling product at once.

"Sweet 'n' Low" really enjoyable warm voice and sonorities.


Review of the Fun 13 on now in Italian tested our Fun 13 loudspeaker.
Here You can read the italian version of the review. Have Fun!!


Saturday 15 September 2012

Participation to the HiFi Mässa in Göteborg, Sweden

Our distributor VälLjuD participated to the Göteborg Ljud & Bild 2012. He was very pleased with the result. Next time I'll be there myself to enjoy the chance of enjoy the music in the north!!


Wednesday 12 September 2012

Marantz SACD Edition 15, mastered with Blumenhofer

The new Marantz SACD Edition 15 has come on the market. It has been mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 1 and Genuin FS 3. Take a look at it, it is worth it, and
here You can purchase it online directly by STS-Digital.


Saturday 8 September 2012

Horten HiFi Show 2012

Our distributor Exotic Audio participated to the Hi Fi Messen in Horten. He says that our products have been well accepted in Norway and Denmark. We are looking forward for happy customers!!


Wednesday 5 September 2012

Review of the Genuin FS 2 on


A very nice review of our Genuin FS 2 has come out today on

Here You can read it, on German.
The reviewer writes:
- 'one of the best loudspeaker I've ever tested'
- 'that authentic is rare'
- …



We just received the short version of the report, You can download it here

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Introduction of the CDs Product Page

We introduce today a CD product page, where we collect information about the Blumenhofer Acoustics CDs and the CDs mastered with Blumenhofer Acoustics Loudspeakers used as monitor speakers. These CDs are really high quality recordings. There will be the possibility to hear 15s of each song present in the CD (as soon as we get the permission of the CD label). For each CD there will be a link, where it can be purchased. Let's groove :-)

2012_08_21 - Introduction of CDs Webpage

Saturday 23 June 2012

Review of the Fun 13 on tested our Fun 13 loudspeaker.
Here You can read the english version of the review. Have Fun!!


Tuesday 19 June 2012

Groove into Bits CD got the album choice award

We met Ken Kessler at the Munich High End and we spent some words with him. During the talk we handed over our Grove into Bits CD and explained in which way we recorded it: directly from the LP and enhanced in the analog domain before going digital. and Ken Kessler awarded our Grove into Bits CD the Album Choice Award for this month and gave us 95% out of 100% in music quality, a very high and rare reward. This is for us the best acknowledgment of our love for the music, this is just a sample of the quality of all our products! You can buy it online at sts-digital. Enjoy the music!


Monday 18 June 2012

Review of the big Fun 17 on Stereoplay 06/2012

Straight before the Munich High End 2012 Wolfram Eifert tested our big Fun 17.
That article is a really good description of what our loudspeaker is able to do.

You can read it on Stereoplay 06/2012 on page 38 or here online as comparison test or here as single test

2012_06_18-Stereoplay 06-2012

Saturday 16 June 2012

HiFi Event of Audio an Zee in Den Helder on the 16th June 2012

This was the second show of Audio aan Zee in Den Helder. It was all about Blumenhofer, Audio Block and van den Leur amplifiers.


Tuesday 12 June 2012

Jordan Acoustics is our new distributor for UK

During the Munich High End 2011 Paul and Tim visited our company. Then shortly before the Munich High End 2012 we had a short conversation and the decision was taken: Jordan Acoustics became Blumenhofer Acoustics Distributor for the United Kingdom. We are looking forward for a positive cooperation. You can reach Jordan Acoustics here:


Tel. +44 1202 911886

Unit 2 - The Old Cart Building
Parley Court Barns
Parley Green Lane
Dorset BH23 6BB

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Blumenhofer Acoustics Revisited on Music Emotion June 2012

In the June issue of Music Emotion on page 33 You can read an article about Blumenhofer, another report of a visit in our company with a different setup this time. I just know that there is this article, I still do not know what it says and I can't wait for reading it. Of course on Dutch. Enjoy it.


Saturday 26 May 2012

Event at Novus Audio in Kampen

On the 26th of Mai, there has been an event at Novus Audio in Kampen. A brand new Genuin FS 3 was playing on an Audio Block chain. Thank You Bernd for supporting our brand!


Wednesday 16 May 2012

Dynamic Experience Vol. 2 CD

The second volume of the Dynamic Experience CD has come on the market. It is dynamic, it is astonishing good mastered. It has power and drive: a shower of dynamic.
Enjoy the listening


Friday 11 May 2012

Report about Groove into Bits Vol. 1 Blumenhofer Acoustics CD on Music Emotion of May 2012


Our CD has impressed the international press even faster than expected. In the last issue You can find at page 43 a report about our Groove into Bits project. Enjoy Your reading!! Here You can download the Dutch pdf of the article


Thursday 3 May 2012

Munich High End 2012

We needed more than 3kg of caffe in 3 evenings. We drove more than 3000km, we had more than 30 guests at our company during the show days. Our official catering and host service, the Gasthof zum Adler of the Zott family, was nearly fully booked by us for the entire exposition time. The support has been great. But this is only side program, like side program was the chance that our guest had in enjoying typical bavarian food and good music.

The idea to participate has borne by chance during one of my visit to STS-Digital to evaluate the quality of the Groove into Bits CD and discuss some more points about marketing. And this is the question we had: how can we promote the brands in the most effective ways. Then we crosschecked our resources and decided to go again an unconventional way: we have the Blumenhofer Acoustics CD, why not to sell it at the show?
Some dazzling some phone call after we had the space at the fair and the equipment for displaying and playing the CDs.

The electronic of Pro-Ject has been supplied by ATR, the cabling and the power supply harmonizer by Cammino-HP. We used the stand as static display and as point of contact for the people interested in our products. And the interest was big. Nearly every person took a picture of our Gran Gioia: a great eye catcher!

During the show we had several visit of old friends and new potential distributors.
The visit of Van den Hul himself, the owner of the famous Van den Hul brand, brought some emotion to Mr. Trevisanello, the owner of Cammino. Mr. Van den Hul appreciated the look of our Gran Gioia.
Mr. Heinz Lichtenegger, director of Project, has been pleased by the quality of our CDs and recordings.

As usual we made lot of pictures, you can see them here:


We introduce the Fun 10

Like the Fun 13, the Fun 10 is a back loaded bass horn Loudspeaker with a standard silk dome for the tweeters.
Based on the same quarter wavelength technology of the Fun 13 it is a continuation of that development.

High quality MDF wood and an astonishing sound quality, available starting today. Have Fun!


Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD

In cooperation with STS-Digital, we produced the Groove into Bits Vol. 1 CD.
We already informed You about this project.
It was extraordinary and it has borne by chance.

We met in Walkertshofen last September and started listening for music of all kinds. Of course on LP. Spontaneous was the question… why don't we master it to a CD trying to keep the analog feeling of the turntable. Then, the task was set, how to perform it? Simple? Conny Englmeier started playing DJ, Fritz connected his Marantz mastering equipment, Lars set up the Kanzy power amplifier, and Tom connected our Wiki: if we need a monitor speaker why not the best one available? Marco had a Acoustic Signature Ascona with an SME tonearm and a Soundsmith cartridge in the trunk of the car. The setup was done. The songs were chosen and we started the recording process. It took us a longer time than expected but was fun. After hours we were eating in the restaurant and René suggested to name it after the project: Grove into Bits was what we did. From LP to CD. Extraordinary.


Saturday 21 April 2012

René L. van Es Article "in Wiki Wonderland" available in English

Do You remember that in René L. van Es visited us back in November? Here is the post about that visit.

He wrote a very charming article about his experience with the Wiki, and called the article for Music Emotion "in Wiki Wonderland",
here is the post about that article and here is the article in Dutch.

But not all of us are able to read Dutch (I'm not able at all), therefore René agreed to translate to English and Michael of
Astin Trew agreed to support us with this translation (thank You René and thank You Michael). Here You can read it in English, well it is just the text, without pictures, but it it worth reading. Enjoy.

Saturday 31 March 2012

Exercises in Intarsium

Sometimes it is worth experimenting. We made some exercises in Intarsia. Wikipedia has a nice description about what this ancient art of decorating wood is: here to wikipedia article


East West Audio Show in Wichen

East West Audio's Blumenhofer Show:

On the 31st of March and the 1st of April our Dutch dealer East West Audio Shop organized a great show with one key role player: Blumenhofer Acoustics!

Set-ups were made with the Fun's 10 and 13, Big Fun 17, Genuin FS4.2, Genuin FS3.2 and Genuin FS1. Main source during this event was streaming audio, except for one set-up (and this set-up had it's private room to show the real meaning of dynamics): Blumenhofer Genuin FS1, Grandinote mono-amps, Octave Phonomodule and an Acoustic-Signature turntable with a van den Hul cartridge. All the cables were supplied by Live Cable. This set-up almost made us forget we were listening to reproduced music, closer to life is almost impossible.

A very big surprise for our visitors was the set-up in the main hall with the Genuin FS3.2. Powered by an Octave HP300 mkII and a RE 280 power amplifier this set-up was able to fill the complete hall with a very good open 3- dimensional sound with lot's of dynamics. No big surprise for us of course, but to keep in mind: this room was 10 meters wide and 20 meters long! A very big compliment for this set-up. The source in this set-up was streaming audio with Arcam and Calyx DAC's.

Again we were also noticing that Blumenhofer and T+A is a very good marriage, the Genuin FS4.2 and Big Fun 17 almost seemed to be made for this electronics, according to our visitors: nothing but big thumbs up!

As a ''little'' surprise we introduced the Blumenhofer Fun 10, this €975 a piece loudspeaker was playing with the all-in-one CVR-100 from Audio Block (€799), this complete set-up showed visitors that even the smallest Blumenhofer loudspeaker is still a real Blumenhofer loudspeaker. While playing in that same 200m2 room there was no lack of bass or definition at all! We foresee a very good future for this new range, almost impossible to beat in it's price range.

As with every show also this one had to come to an end, but we already agreed, this is going to be an event that will return every year.

This show was organized by Blumenhofer dealer East West Audio shop, Blumenhofer, Octave and Acoustic-Signature distributor Music2, T+A and Arcam distributor Audiac, STS-Digital and Music-Emotion magazine


Friday 30 March 2012

Music in the original Marantz age CD

Finally we got it. It is a limited edition CD made for Marantz to commemorate the anniversary of the company. As usual for the last STS-Digital production the mastering process has been made on a Genuin FS 1 and a Genuin FS 3.

Enjoy the Music, if You are lucky enough to get one of the 2000 copies :-)


Thursday 29 March 2012

Ingram Washington CD and LP - What a difference a day makes

It has been a long path to get back to LP, but, finally, with our support and the engagement for the whole team, STS-Digital got back to the roots: they made the first LP since years and it has been a best selling product at once.

The enjoyable warm voice of Ingram Washington in his CD/LP "What a difference a day makes" brings back sonorities and inspirations from vinyl and piano bar atmosphere.

Useless for me to stress that it has been mastered with Blumenhofer's Loudspeakers :-)


Monday 26 March 2012

TNT-Audio Report about Blumenhofer Acoustics


On the 28th of January, Hartmut Quaschnik paid a visit to our company in Walkertshofen. He wrote a short report on his experience at our place. You can read it in english here.
Hartmut mentions that You are invited to visit us during the Munich High End. Please contact us in advance, there is only limited availability.

If You prefer reading the italian version of the article, You can find it

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Visit of René L. van Es - Listening session on the Genuin FS 2

René L. van Es, freelance journalist of Music Emotion, visited us again with Marco de Wilde of Music2 Audio Import and René Smit of to have a deep impression of the Genuin FS 2. The chain was composed by Octave HP 500 SE Preamplifier and two MRE130 Power amplifiers. The cables of Cammino and Cammino's Power Harmonizer rounded up the whole system to a fantastic music experience. Soon the report about the event will be published by Music Emotion in the Netherlands. We are looking forward for it.


Monday 5 March 2012

Music2 Audio Import is now our new distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg

After 3 Years of cooperation Panayotis Gioulos decided to withdraw from the distribution of our Loudspeakers in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Marco de Wilde of Music2 Audio Import decided to accept the challenge

You can find him here: info (at)


Monday 27 February 2012

Gallery section of the Web pages

In the sidebar of the news section You can find a new link, this is the fast access to all the pictures made during events and important moments of Blumenhofer Acoustics in the last years. You are most welcome to browse.


Monday 13 February 2012

Norddeutsche HiFi Tage 2012

For the third year in a row we participate to the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage.
This time has been a different show, I spent a lot of time talking with final customer in our room and it has been really enjoyable.
Volker of
Einstein Audio had as usual really great music and was fun.
Fun 13, our new speaker was the star of the room and the people were surprised by the range and musicality that it has been able to express for the 2 days.
It has been driven by:
- The Source, the gorgeous CD Player of Einstein Audio
- The absolute Tune, the integrated Einstein Amplifier
and on the analog side there was
Roksan Xerses turntable
- The Turntable Choice, phono preamplifier of Einstein Audio

Power Harmonization by
Cammino, Italy



Sunday 29 January 2012

Report about Blumenhofer and the Wiki on Music Emotion - Wiki Wonderland - René L. van Es

We received yesterday the article of the report of the visit of René L. van Es, the freelance Journalist who writes for Music Emotion in the Netherlands.
They told me it is great the way it is written and the information on our company and the quality of our products is very very positive...
...I'd like to be able to read it: it is written in Dutch.
Here can be read online


Monday 16 January 2012

Check our Youtube channel

Starting today, You can watch videos of Blumenhofer Acoustics on YouTube. Here You can access our channel.


Tuesday 10 January 2012

CES 2012 in Las Vegas

After 36 hours of travel Andrea arrived in Las Vegas. This was only the beginning. The CES is the most important international HiFi show on the world. But only for professionals. Journalists, Distributors, Dealers, Manufacturer and all the people working in the electronic industry are allowed to participate to this event at the Venetian in Las Vegas.
Rarely was our room not full and not visited. The contacts have been several and well promising. The cooperation with Grandinote, Astin Trew, Cammino and Acoustics Signature has been fruitful. The results will be fruitful as well.


The Show 2012 in Las Vegas

Parallel to the CES, in the Flamingo Hotel there was T.H.E. Show. An HiFi show in Las Vegas, open to the whole public, not only professional, but private people as well. Tom Hills asked us to use our Loudspeakers to present his new line of power amplifiers. We appreciated his appreciation and borrowed him the big Fun 17 and the Fun 13. He was really astonished by the sonic quality of booth loudspeakers and did not want to believe the quantity of bass that the small Fun 13 has been able to deliver. I'm sorry I did not spend that much time at T.H.E. Show. It would have been worth it!!