Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Visit at STS Digital

On the 30ies of January Thomas and Andrea, after a long trip paid a visit to Fritz de With of STS-Digital. We had a longer music session with several kind of music. We forgot how good the Genuin FS 1 is playing, when it is really burned in. Really good!


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Groove into Bits Vol. 2

The Setup was impressive.

- Pluto Audio Turntable
- Van den Hul Canary cartridge
- Octave Phono Module
- Octave Jubilee Preamplifier
- Octave MRE 220 Power Amplifier
- complete Cammino-HP cabling
- Cammino HP Power Harmonisation
- Astin Trew Concord DAC 1 USB
and of course
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Wiki

I think there is nothing left to say. This list answers all the questions.

- Andreas Hoffmann - Octave
- Claudio Trevisanello - Cammino HP
- Fritz de With - STS Digital
- Onno Kivet -
- Conny Englmeier - DJ
- Marco de Wilde -
- Bernd Berling - Klangstube
- Eddy - Pluto
- Micael Osborne - Astin Trew
and of course
- Thomas Blumenhofer
- Andrea Vitali


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hörabend bei Musicanova

At Musicanova, Harald Pensel presented our Fun 13 with his setup of components. I'm looking forward for the inauguration on the beginning of March. I'll plan to be there.


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Review of the big Fun 17 on Stereoplay 06/2012 online available

Straight before the Munich High End 2012 Wolfram Eifert tested our big Fun 17.
That article is a really good description of what our loudspeaker is able to do.

By chance I found the online version of the article some minutes ago. Here You can read it.
That article was a comparison between 3 horn loudspeaker following 3 different operating principles. Here You can find the whole comparison.

You can read it on Stereoplay 06/2012 on page 38 as well.

2013_01_12-big-Fun-17 2013_01_12-Stereoplay 06-2012

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review of the Fun 13 on now in English


Fabio Barbato of reviewed our Fun 13.

It is a very nice review that puts in good light the qualities of our Fun 13!
Here You can read it in Italian.
And Here is available in English as well.