Tuesday 20 September 2011

The Blumenhofer Experience CD - Groove into Bits Vol. 1

We spent 2 days having lot of fun listening for music and remastering it directly from the LPs.
Conny Engelmayer - You will learn some more about him in the future - has made a narrow choice out of his 10.000 LPs collection.
Fritz de With - STS Digital - brought his recording equipment to Walkertshofen.
Thomas was more at the coffee machine than at the audio equipment: lots of double expressos, just for the good taste of them.
Lars - Kanzy - presented us his power amplifier

The Sound playing system was:
- Technics SP 15 Turntable
- Turntable Plint made by Blumenhofer
- Pro-Ject 12" Tonearm
- Sound-Smith Strain-Gauge Cartridge
- Kanzy KAAM-800 Power Amplifier

Fritz is now preparing the Master and we expect the CD to be on the market before the end of the Year.