Sunday 31 January 2010

Gran Gala dell'Alta Fedeltà - Padova 2010

We played for the first time the Genuin FS 4.2. They matched perfectly the NuForce CD player and amplification and the people of Padova and surroundings enjoyed a lot the event. The most beautiful thing is that there were not only audiophiles but lot of music lovers as well, a lot more than expected. Thank you all for the very positive feedback! Thank you, Giulio Cesare, for the organization. Gran Gala dell’alta Fedeltà a Padova


Saturday 30 January 2010

We introduce the Genuin FS 4.2

Genuin FS 4.2, a light-weight speaker in line with the Genuin serie, horn for the mid-high and bass reflex woofer.
Another use of the 17cm P2C speaker in an entry level Genuin with a mature sound.


Thursday 28 January 2010

New foot for the Genuin FS 3

Since the introduction of the big Fun 20 and big Fun 17, we are not more really satisfied with the overall look of the Genuin FS 3. Then it is time to change a little bit, to make the design more modern and more elegant.
This design change reflects more on the overall look alike of the loudspeaker: we change the foot and we make the horn a little bit smaller. What a big improvement!!
Does it affect the sound? No, not really, everything sounds exactly like before. Enjoy the new look…